Semi-dedicated server features

On a semi-dedicated plans, you are bestowed with access to a substantial chunk of the resources of an entire physical server. Because you will share the server with just a few other clients, you will get ample CPU time and MySQL database storage space allowances for your resource–devouring sites. You’ll be given access to more or less the same amount of resources you’d get with a dedicated server, but at a lower price, and will be able to manage your server environment much easier compared to a fully fledged dedicated server.

With a semi–dedicated server, you won’t obtain root access and will not have the opportunity to pick a web hosting Control Panel or a server Operating System. Instead, JaxHost Website Hosting’s server admins will execute all server surveillance and maintenance operations for you. Moreover, you’ll be able to benefit from JaxHost Website Hosting’s cutting–edge web hosting system, which boasts an unrivalled stability and a balanced allocation of the server resources.

A web hosting system

All semi-dedicated plans are part of our cloud hosting platform. This means an enhanced degree of stability in comparison with the normal shared hosting service.

In addition, you can migrate from a web hosting plan to a semi–dedicated server without any problem. We’ll take care of the transfer on your behalf and will ensure for you the same simplicity of use that is associated with the ordinary hosting service. Switching between our semi-dedicated plans is also easy.

Another advantage of JaxHost Website Hosting’s semi-dedicated plans is that they are equipped by default with our Hepsia Control Panel and all the free website creation tools that it includes.

Simple Hosting Control Panel

JaxHost Website Hosting’s semi-dedicated plans are based on JaxHost Website Hosting’s in–house built cloud hosting platform and thus come bundled with our custom point & click Hosting Control Panel, which is included at no cost with each server plan.

The Hepsia Control Panel is very simple to use and you can accomplish different web site administration tasks – for example, you can update file permissions or set up an instance of Memcached with one single mouse click. Thanks to its simplified user interface, you can easily switch between the different hosting Control Panel sections without the need to return to the index page each time.

You don’t need to worry about server administration operations as well. Our technicians will carry out all server surveillance and administration operations for you, so you can focus on your web sites exclusively.

Loads of no cost additional bonuses

The custom–built Control Panel coming with every semi–dedicated server by default, offers a number of free–of–cost tools and bonuses for setting up and popularizing your websites with a mere click of the mouse.

Using the 1–click Web Apps Installer and the instant Easy Website Installer, you can kick off your new personal blog, message board or online image gallery instantaneously. Using the inbuilt Web Marketing Resources, you can generate a new site map or add RSS feeds to your website. Using detailed web analytics statistics, you can monitor your web site’s online performance 24x7x365.

And with a selection of Website Accelerator Applications like Varnish and Memcached, you can boost the loading speed of your regularly visited websites and make them achieve better search engine rankings.

Ensured safety

The web hosting system, which is the basis of JaxHost Website Hosting’s semi-dedicated plans, ensures also far better security for your websites.

JaxHost Website Hosting’s cloud hosting platform draws on a highly modified version of SELinux – the security–enhanced Linux version, which lays a great emphasis on network security. Our sysadmins have further modified the OS to make our software architecture and server hardware run like clockwork.

On top of that, your semi–dedicated server can be situated in any of our an enterprise–level data centers offering an incredibly secure web hosting environment with several anti–DDoS units.